Organic Earth Foundation



Our Mission:

To unite the people in an international agricultural (R)Evolution;

To promote the social, personal and environmental health every human being is entitled to experience and to lay the foundations for future generations to live in just conditions.



Friends of Organic Earth Foundation is a platform that offers access to thousands of organic farms worldwide, farmer’s field schools, as well as information resources on sustainable living and organic agriculture.

It is an international non-governmental, non-profit organization devoted to promoting a peaceful transformation and a worldwide movement towards a sustainable way of life with organic agriculture. We facilitate access to work experience on farms worldwide and work to create a global farmers field school, training the people in organic agriculture. We act as a forum for individuals interested in making a living with organic agriculture and for organizations pursuing the common ideal. We aim to host open meetings and seminars and act as an intermediary between the reality of rural life, developmental organizations and governments.


The Organic Earth Foundation works to direct mankind towards a life in harmony with nature and therewith to bestow upon nature its due respect.



Our Work


- To inspire and stimulate people everywhere to be themselves the initiators of real change in their lives their local and the global community

- To provide a forum for individuals and communities to share their experiences of living and promoting a sustainable way of life.

- To educate people in agricultural techniques and spread the awareness of how the cultivation of organic agriculture helps to eradicate poverty and injustice.

- To compile a list of organizations worldwide, which promote organic agriculture, sustainable development, agricultural research and volunteer exchange programs.

- To support the exchange of volunteers between farms and agricultural communities

- To thus found a network of a Worldwide International Organic community.